The INDACO Collection


INDACO transforms commercial-grade steel containers into eco-friendly living and workspaces with a unique story. Our Collection is comprised of several affordable, high-quality modular solutions, with more choices available in the near future:

Capanna Uno

Measuring 160 square feet, our Capanna Uno is perfect for a small backyard office on the go. It comes with a mini split AC system. Just plug it to your main power service and it’s ready to use. We also suggest you use it as a creative cave, a reading lounge, a meditation paradise or whatever you may need to have your imagination fly.

Capanna Due

At 320 square feet, the Capanna Due with a full bathroom is an not only ideal container solution for an office, it can also be use as guesthouse, or as a “backyard nest” offering privacy and independence for an aging parent. Combined with a selection of various container modules, a small residence or a weekend getaway can be designed for those looking to downsize. You can even incorporate this as an “extension” of your home for kids returning from college.

Quadrifoglio Uno

At 960 square feet, reach for the sky with our Quadrifoglio Uno solution make it your first home sweet home. This module can also be used by businesses as “pop-ups” to test products and services in certain markets, as well for companies looking to expand their servicing reach through satellite “hubs” while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Quadrifoglio Due

Measuring 1,280 square feet, our Quadrifoglio Due container model is ideal for a two-bedroom home and can be expanded with our other smaller modules as your needs grow. We can design a home that speaks to and expresses your lifestyle and aesthetic – whether it’s in an urban or suburban setting, completely off the grid, or takes advantage of our stunning indoor-outdoor designs to coexist seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Quadrifoglio Tre

Measuring 1,600 square feet, our Quadrifoglio Tre model will lighten your carbon footprint and provide you with spacious three-bedroom home. You can also easily expand the space with our Capanna Uno or Capanna Due models as your needs grow — whether it’s to accommodate your family or add on an office.