INDACO: Inside the box

INDACO was born of the need to address the complex issues of today’s modern world: economic challenges that put home ownership increasingly out of reach for so many young individuals and families; rapid population growth and urbanization that place a staggering demand on housing and the profound impact it will have on our planet; and the strong desire of an eco-conscious generation who want a more simplified life yet also look for meaningful ways to reduce their environmental footprint. We looked at each of these issues and decided to help redefine – and redesign – the way people live by providing affordable, holistic and environmentally sound solutions for residential and commercial building.

Imagination Unleashed: You Dream It, We Build It

At the nexus of architectural recycling and design, Miami, Florida-based INDACO uses, commercial-grade steel shipping containers that allow you to live – or work – almost anywhere you own property, and provide you with a sustainable approach in building a home, studio or office that’s structurally sound and energy efficient. We seamlessly incorporate high-quality organic materials and design finishes with smart technologies for a modern, low-e lifestyle. From compact, Spartan structures to tastefully spacious expanses, our container-build solutions are a refreshing, natural fit for many who listen to their inner nonconformist.


Our Blueprint

In reinterpreting the traditional way we approach the living and work space we occupy, our management combined its extensive architectural design, engineering, general contracting, and marketing experience with its respect for the planet and scarce resources to create new design solutions. Our attractive, economically sound residential and commercial solutions are for those who are passionate about taking care of our environment and appeal to a wide demographic, from eco-conscious and minimalist Millennials and Gen Xers to older individuals looking for an environmentally harmonious living experience.

Each of our management team contributes his or her talent to breathe life into INDACO’s vision. Our mission: To combine the savings and flexibility of a traditional container build with a clean, modern aesthetic and smart technology solutions for green homes and commercial buildings. INDACO is turning the container-building concept on its side, literally – with stunningly beautiful results.

Giuseppe Collarino, Managing Director

Founder Giuseppe Collarino’s love for and fascination with architecture, shapes and construction started at an early age. His passion grew as he looked for ways to work with recycled materials to create innovative solutions to address society’s habitational challenges. He began experimenting with wooden materials in his backyard to create an economical structure that could eventually be transformed to deliver affordable housing. From there, Giuseppe turned to shipping containers, the genesis of INDACO, to provide an opportunity for individuals to build or buy a home without the economic and time constraints that come with traditional housing.

Giuseppe’s background includes overseeing the construction project for a 12-unit building in Costa Rica that captured both the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the mountain views of the area. He also managed the sales of two high-end apartment projects in Tribeca, New York City.