Low Cost

With INDACO, it’s easier to purchase a house as you are not tied to mortgage payments, liberating you from the heavy burden of debt that saddles millions of Americans.

Plenty of Supply

There are no shortages of ISO shipping containers, with more than 24 million worldwide sitting idle – structurally sound yet never to be used for cargo again. Our Florida location is home to one of the largest container ports in the U.S., providing us with the opportunity to obtain containers from abroad at a lower cost than others. We’re happy to pass this savings on to our clients.

Built to Last 

Our repurposed shipping containers are made of commercial-grade steel and built to last 20 to 100 years. They are resilient against harsh environments such as storms, sea surges and earthquakes. The containers are flood- and fire-proof, and corrosion-resistant too, making them ideal for repurposing as housing materials.

Transport Is Easy

Containers are easy to transport due to their interlocking structure and can be delivered anywhere in the world. After all, that’s what they were made for in the first place!

The Perfect Building Blocks

The beauty of working with shipping containers for home building and office spaces is the ability to stack two, three or more to create a bigger space, as needs change. You can expand both upward and sideways, offering you a lot more possibilities and variations. Small container homes and offices can even move with you.

Energy Efficient

Our modules are energy-efficient by reducing heating and cooling loads through high-quality windows, adequate insulation and ventilation and both passive and active solar systems. You lower your carbon footprint and help make a positive impact on Mother Earth – and save on your energy bills at the same time. Now that’s cool.

Really Smart

All INDACO structures are outfitted with SEM Technology managed by a smart phone, laptop or tablet, and can be designed to your specifications. From scheduling the air conditioning to turning down the lights for movie night, it’s simple to command your household smart devices to do your bidding.

Up & Running

Construction time with INDACO can be reduced by 40%. The shell of the house or office space can be assembled within just one day, and all the interior details can be finished within about three months, depending on the specifications and the scope of the project. This includes setting a foundation, cutting frames for doors and windows, insulating, installing utilities and adding a roof and flooring. From a backyard office or studio to a home with a fully functional kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedrooms(s), and more, we’ll have you home in no time.